Google debuts official Android blog, a new source for Android news

August 1, 2012 | by Natesh Sood

Google Android

android blog logo

Android has been around for several years now and you would think it would have its own blog by now, but evidently not.  However, Google realized its fans wanted more Android information and specific pages dedicated to then open platform.  With a swift wave of its hand (mouse?), Google rebranded its Mobile blog into the Official Android Blog.

If you head to the Google Mobile blog at this time, you will be greeted with a post that reveals the launch of the Official Android Blog.  In addition, the page will automatically redirect you to the new page.  The first and latest post on the new Google sponsored Android blog details Google Wallet’s ascent to the cloud.

The Official Android Blog will become your one stop shop for all official Google Android related news, but of course, Androinica will continue to provide you folks with thorough coverage of the latest rumors, smartphone launches, and app reviews.

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