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Clove publishes product page 64GB Samsung Galaxy S III in black, launching in October

August 17, 2012 | by Natesh Sood

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samsung gs3 in black

UK retailer, Clove, posted some pretty big news today, if it turns out to be true.  In their latest blog post, Clove details the launch of the SIM-free Samsung Galaxy S III in black with 64GB of on board storage.  Previously, we heard only a few whispers about the Samsung Galaxy S III in black, and this is the first time a reputable retailer mentions it.

Equally important is the fact that Clove also published a product page for the 64GB black model of the GS3, but so far the page fails to mention the price.  I imagine it would be high, but hey, 64GB of flash memory doesn’t come cheap.  Lastly, Clove mentions that the device is on track for an early October launch, so pricing details may not be announced until mid-September.

Hopefully, we will see the Samsung Galaxy S III 64GB model in black in the United States around the same time.  I am sure there are many who want to purchase the GS3 in black and many who want a 64GB option.  We’ll keep our eyes on this story to see if anything further develops.

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