AT&T: Mobile Share Plans will begin August 23

August 6, 2012 | by Natesh Sood

AT&T, Carriers


Originally announced back in mid-July, AT&T’s Mobile Share data plans are going live starting on August 23.  AT&T’s new Mobile Share plans are clearly in response to Verizon’s Share Everything plans which went live in June.  However, I feel AT&T’s plans are bit more customer-friendly and I’ll explain why.

First, let’s understand the plans and how much you would be paying should you decide to go with the new sharing plan.  At 1GB of shared data, each smartphone costs $45 while the data itself costs $40.  Keep in mind each tiered plan includes unlimited texting and voice minutes.  As the gigabytes increase, the cost per each gigabyte decreases and the cost per smartphone line decreases.  The largest plan is 20GB of data for $200 and each smartphone line costs $30.  Basic phones are $30 per line and tablets can connect for $10 to the shared data.

Now, the interesting part is new customers will not be forced into AT&T’s Mobile Share Plans, whereas Verizon enforces this policy.  In addition, those with grandfathered unlimited data contracts can continue to upgrade their device without having to sacrifice it.

Again, on August 23rd AT&T will officially debut its new Mobile Share Data plans.  I recommend speaking with an AT&T representative to decide whether the move is worth it for you.  The more smartphone lines you have available, it could become beneficial to simply share data.