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Sky launching Now TV, a Netflix & Lovefilm rival for now, a more diverse streaming option later

July 16, 2012 | by Andrew Kameka



Netflix or Lovefilm not getting the job done? Perhaps you ought to try Now TV, a new on-demand video rental and subscription service that’s launching tomorrow. Created by the folks at Sky TV, Now TV is a digital-only product that will deliver the Sky Movies catalogue with “total flexibility” according to the announcement.

“Total” is a bit of a stretch in the interim considering that there are a couple of hang-ups. Now TV costs £15 – three times as much as the £4.99 Lovefilm subscribers pay, and significantly higher than the £5.99 Netflix charges. Sky executives counter that it has more movies and adds five new films each week, so the costs should be justified. (It’s also worth noting that later this year, live Sky Sports streaming and other content will be included in Now TV.) The second problem to deal with is that, according to The Telegraph, Now TV won’t stream HD content.

Customers who get beyond these two hurdles will then have access to a range of 600 to 1,000 films depending on which viewing model they choose. There are two options for watching movies: the all-you-can-view subscription packaged mentioned earlier, or paying anywhere from 99p to £3.49 to watch one specific title.

Now TV launches July 17, 2012, with new Android app compatible with select phones, but it will also be available on the PC and Mac at the same time. Compatibility with the PS3, Xbox, YouView, and Roku devices will arrive later this year.