Seidio Surface case review for Galaxy S III – sleek and safe [Case Review]

July 18, 2012 | by Andrew Kameka

Cases, Samsung


There are a few rules to making a good phone case, but the one that matters most is don’t constantly remind me that I’m using a phone case. Don’t be a cheap piece of rubber, but also don’t be a bulky piece of plastic that eclipses all of the design and consideration that goes into developing a phone.

At only 1 mm thin, the Seidio Surface protects phones without needing to be oversized. The Surface is a case of two tightly fitting pieces of plastic that are slid onto the phone in order to prevent damage to the device. The case is short on padding, so don’t expect much help in improving the main body’s survival rate of a hard drop of the phone. However, the front of the device raises slightly on a Samsung Galaxy S III, so a device is less likely to fall directly on the curved Gorilla Glass screen. The case also creates a smidgen of distance between the rear lens and any flat surface, lessening the chance of breaking the camera.

While impact absorption might not be one of the Seidio Surface’s strongest suits, scratch resistance and form most definitely are. This is not the case for someone looking to turn their phone into a bunker; it’s a case for people who want to minimize the number of dinks and dents a phone might get, but still have the phone look good. The Surface might surprise people who favor hard plastic over glossy plastic. The case feels more solid and less flimsy without feeling heavy. The material has a layer of soft coating that improves the feel, and the cut leaves enough space for the ports and buttons to be accessed comfortably. Some might find that an improvement over a nude Galaxy S III, but the soft coating material isn’t as smooth as the glossy plastic found on the GS III.

All that style goes out the window if you opt for the optional belt clip. That’s not really Seidio’s fault; no one looks stylish with a phone holster. But if you’re someone who cares more about the utility of a belt clip than you do the appearance, the holster latches onto the Surface case and keeps the screen protected with a felt lining.

The bottom line is that the Seidio Surface is the case for people who want to protect their phone but don’t want to put it behind a ridiculous amount of casing to do so. The Surface, available in five different colors, offers a tight layer of protection that doesn’t sacrifice style or substance. Seidio Online sells the Surface case for $29.95 and the combo Surface/holster pack for $49.95. Amazon retailers have it for less but may not always be in stock.