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rdio and Sony Music Unlimited both issue important updates for Android apps

July 19, 2012 | by Andrew Kameka


Rdio for Android 2.6.12

Two of the more familiar names in music streaming services updated their Android apps today. Both the beautiful and highly rated rdio and the massive and growing Music Unlimited upped their game.

For Sony’s Music Unlimited, subscribers finally get access to the curiously absent feature of being able to save music to listen to offline. The phone version has had the feature for a few months, but now tablet owners can finally designate a group of songs or albums to cache on their device and access when an Internet connection is not present.

And speaking of phones, the Music Unlimited app was updated on handhelds as well. The phone version can now create artist radio stations; in other words, you can create an Incubus station that will populate with songs from the band and artists who make similar music. There’s the option of moving to SD card.

rdio’s update improved both the app’s appearance and it’s buffering when queuing up new songs. New Releases are now displayed in a grid, extended search results are now viewable, and it’s now easier to edit playlists. The company also adds the generic “bug fixes” and “UI improvements” in the changelog, so you’ll notice a small change here and there.

Whichever service you use, the music should sound a little sweeter thanks to the new features.

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[Download Music Unlimited for phones]

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