Motorola Motoactv smart watch drops to $149, entices runners looking for a deal

July 16, 2012 | by Andrew Kameka



Motorola’s smart watch products saw a significant price cut today. Originally costing a minimum of $249, Motorola has dropped the price of the Motoactv to $149.99 for the 8 GB model and $199.99 for the 16 GB. The multi sport edition, which comes with additional accessories, now costs $299.

The price cuts force users to reconsider the pecking order of which watch is best suited for their needs. Sony has made waves with its Bluetooth-enabled SmartWatch, and Pebble has ridden its own wave into massive Kickstarter success. Motorola introduced a arguably better products, but those products were also much more expensive. The Motoactv still isn’t exactly cheap, but the price has fallen low enough to be in the same range of products that don’t do as much.

Motoactv is a watch, stop watch, timer, fitness tracker, and MP3 player geared towards an active lifestyle. The Android-powered accessory can monitor workout stats and keep track of your golf game, as well as play the right music for your workouts and learn which songs yield the best results. Those stats can then be plugged into a PC/Mac to use a dashboard for your running, cycling, or golf, as well as manage incoming calls and weather on the device.

Other smart watches provide these same features, but the key difference is that the Motoactv isn’t just a relay device that requires Bluetooth connectivity to a phone; it’s actually a standalone product. That means you can leave your phone in the car while you workout and still get stats thanks to the built-in GPS sensor. Check out the full specs and pitch at

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