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Marissa Mayer leaves Google to become Yahoo! CEO

July 16, 2012 | by Andrew Kameka



Long-time Google executive and one of the first 20 people to be employed by the company is leaving to take over the top job at Yahoo! New York Times Dealbook was first to report the news a short time ago, and Yahoo has since issued its own statement confirming the news.

Mayer was previously in charge of location-based services at Google, giving her final say of products like Google Maps and Places. However, as The Times notes, Jeff Huber took on the role of senior vice president of local and commerce last year, giving him the top spot in that area.

Not that much might change for Google because the company still has plenty of smart people on the payroll. For Yahoo, this is huge because the company has struggled with a number of failed product launches and mishandled acquisitions under the reigns of previous CEO’s. Mayer is a smart executive with a well-respected track record that should help Yahoo try to reverse course.

Yahoo’s Android and other mobile products have been underwhelming, partly because of poor implementation and partly because of poor (or lack of) vision at the top. Perhaps Mayer might help fix some of these problems and improve the overall culture at Yahoo and lead to better products. If the new CEO can help get anything half as good as the search page, Gmail inbox, Google News, Google Images, or Google Local – all products that Mayer has managed at some point during her Google tenure – she’ll already be off to a much better start than the last two people to hold that position.

Best of luck to you, Marissa, but would this be a bad time to ask for a better Flickr app? Too soon?

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