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London 2012 brings the Olympics to your phone, offers official schedule, results, and reminders

July 6, 2012 | by Andrew Kameka



The 2012 Olympic Games take place from July 25 to August 12, and fans now have an official London 2012 app to keep track of all the action.

The London 2012 Results App is the official results app of the Olympics. It’s also a clever way to always know when your preferred event takes place, who wins, and get news on the happenings. The app has listings for every sport, including athletics (track & field), basketball, boxing, gymnastics, football (soccer), and much more. Dates and times are listed for each event, so if athletics fans only interested in the sprint event can just focus on those listings.

London 2012 event provides reminders for when interesting events take place. A user can ask to be notified of all gymnastic times, or just a specific event like women’s vault, and an Android notification will pop-up as the event starts. The downside to this is that some countries will not air every event live, so you might have to check with your local Olympic broadcaster to make sure that the event listing times match the broadcast schedule.

Olympic watchers can then get the results for all 36 sports. The app also has a medals count by country, individual, and sport that is updated live for the duration of the games. The best part is that the filtering and customization extends to all aspects of the app, so the My Games section allows users to get a dedicated page of news, favorites, reminders, and medal count for their home nation.

London 2012 is a simply designed app with great quickness, utility, and features. It supports both Android phones and tablets running 2.1 or higher, and should be used by everyone looking to keep up with what’s going on once the Olympic torch is lit.

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