IntelliRing sets ringtone volume based on ambient noise and if it’s in your pocket or purse [App

July 23, 2012 | by Andrew Kameka

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Setting my ringer to the maximum volume is the only way I’ll ever hear it over the music in my car. But there are times when hearing Mt. Eden’s “Sierra Leone” at full-blast is unnecessary and jarring. IntelliRing is an Android app that can solve that problem by making your ringer volume only as loud as you need it.

IntelliRing is a smart ringer application that sets ringtone volume based on sensor data and user-defined settings. Rather than have a take-it-or-leave-it approach of setting volume to a specific number, the app uses ambient noise to determine how loud it should play. So if you’re in a room with no noise, the ringer might be set at 3 of 7. But if you’re in a park full of hustle and bustle, IntelliRing knows to increase the volume to 7.

Aside from using ambient noise to determine volume, IntelliRing also users proximity sensors to determine if it’s in a purse or pocket. Sensors reveal when the phone is removed from its hiding place, so the volume is quickly lowered until the owner answers the phone. Other nifty tricks include similar settings for notification sounds, and the ability to set a meeting mode that will simply beep and vibrate when the phone is placed flat, facedown on a desk.

IntelliRing includes calibration and settings to ensure consistent performance and personalized performance. There’s even a silent mode timer that can put the phone into silent mode for a set amount of time and automatically revert back to normal settings. Set it to 2 hours when you’re watching a movie and Intelliring will go back to normal settings once 2 hours passes.

The only complaint I had about IntelliRing during my testing of the app was that I never figured out how to turn off vibrate when in meeting mode. (Vibration sounds can still be loud.) Overall, it’s still a crafty app for people who sometimes wish that their phone knew what ringer volume was really necessary. Download the free 30-day trial version of the app and if you’re pleased with the results, upgrade to the full $2.00 version.