Instant Upload for Facebook copies one of the best features of Google+

July 24, 2012 | by Andrew Kameka

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The only problem with Google+ Instant Upload is that a lot of the people I want to share photos with are still on Facebook. That naturally puts a damper on the ability to automatically upload photos to the cloud.

Instant Upload for Facebook handles the problem by automatically uploading phone camera shots to Facebook. The free app can instantly upload over 3G, or it can wait until the phone or tablet connects to WiFi. Privacy isn’t an issue because photos are put into a private folder visible only to the photo taker, but it’s easy to share individual photos once the user logs onto Facebook from the desktop.

Much like its Google+ counterpart, Instant Upload for Facebook requires extra effort before photos are pushed to the timeline. Since the upload folder is set to only visible to the account holder, the following steps must be taken to publicly share a photo.

  1. Download Instant Upload and authorize it through Facebook
  2. Take a photo of your beautiful mug
  3. Log on to from a desktop computer and go to the “Instant Upload” photo album
  4. Click the “Edit album” link
  5. Hover over an image that you wish to share and select “Move to another album” from the drop-down menu
  6. Select an album, press “Move photo”

You can tell from this list that I didn’t mention a way to batch move photos; that’s because you can’t. Facebook doesn’t allow that feature natively so there’s no way of sharing multiple photos at once unless you are willing to make the entire Instant Upload folder public – which I strongly advise against. Users will just have to deal with the annoyance or use IUFF strictly for archival purposes.

I’d wager that the Facebook Android app, or at least a standalone camera app, will add an auto-upload feature and make the process smoother. Until then, Instant Upload is a useful and free way to automatically have every phone snapshot uploaded to a private folder on Facebook.