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Instagram Android app now supports Nexus 7 and sharing to flickr

July 16, 2012 | by Andrew Kameka

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Gazillions of Android users opened their Nexus 7 and were horrified to learn that they couldn’t access the life-changing Instagram app. Okay, that’s overselling it a lot, but there were a few people disappointed that their favorite new tablet didn’t have one of their favorite apps. Those people now have one less thing to complain about.

Instagram was updated today to offer support to the Nexus 7. It was understandable that the app wasn’t available previously considering that the Nexus 7 lacks a rear camera, but that doesn’t mean people didn’t also want to browse their photo streams. Members can do that as well as take photos with the Nexus 7 front-facing camera and apply the usual set of filters. These photos obviously won’t be as good, but there’s a ton of crap pics on Instagram, so nobody’s going to make a federal case out of it.

The latest update is also relevant to people who haven’t purchase a Nexus 7 because Instagram now supports sharing photos to flickr. Users can go to “Sharing Settings” page and add flickr to the list of services they wish to link to their account. Then any post that they choose can be cross-posted to photo-sharing website, or the previously-available Facebook, foursquare, Twitter and tumblr.

Even if you don’t plan on using your Nexus 7 to take pictures with Instagram, you might actually want to load it up because it’s pretty good at browsing photos. The UI and images simply scale up in the 7-inch view, so have it.

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