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Google launches Handwrite, a new way to input search queries on mobile devices

July 26, 2012 | by Natesh Sood

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google handwrite

Google believes Search users sometimes want to hand write their search queries instead typing it out conventionally.  To achieve this goal, a new feature — aptly named Handwrite — has been added to the Google homepage on mobile devices that allows for handwriting.  Just as a note, a stylus is not needed and your device simply must be an Android smartphone running Android 2.3 or greater, iOS running iOS5 or greater, or an Android tablet running Android Ice Cream Sandwich.

Google claims the best scenarios to hand write a search query is in the car, when conversing with a friend, or on a busy street.  After enabling Handwrite through settings on the Google Search page, you will be able to literally start writing away on the screen and watch the query pop up.  Speaking from limited experience, I find it easier to perform this on a bigger screen such as that of a tablet or Galaxy Note, but any screen size will still function.  Auto completion works to aid your ability in inputting a search query.

Chrome is the recommended browser to use Handwrite on, but the function will work on any mobile browser.  Instead of purely taking over for voice or standard typing queries, Handwrite is meant to complement your ability to search on Google.

If you wish to try out the Handwrite feature on your device, then proceed to Google’s Homepage, go to settings and enable Handwrite.  Let us know in the comments below whether you think you will use this feature on a day-to-day basis or once in a while.

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