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Warning: Don’t be the idiot who unintentionally shares private photos on Google+ Events Party Mode

July 2, 2012 | by Andrew Kameka



Here’s a little tip for anyone who has taken a shine to Google+ Events – don’t forget to leave party mode unless you want your naughty bits to end up on the internet.

Google+ has a new Events “Party Mode” feature that lets users accept invitations to an event and then auto share their pictures; it’s like a mix of Instant Upload and Samsung Shareshot. The way it works is that someone sets up an event – wedding, party, recital, etc. – and invites other Google+ members to that event. Once users check in, there’s an option to enable “Party mode,” which will then auto-upload your photos to a shared photo stream from everyone who has joined that event.

Sounds cool, right? Well, it is as long as you pay attention to the details of the event. I accepted a bunch of Google+ Event invitations the day it launched, including the uber-popular one associated with the Google I/O after party. But the next day, I suddenly realized that Google+ keeps accepting photos until the time that event creator sets it to end. So if someone fails to exit party mode when leaving a party at 10:00 PM, photos you take will continue to be added until the event closes at 11:00 PM.

Not paying attention to the start and end times of an event led to a few embarrassing photos of me acting a fool in my hotel room being posted to another +Event I participated in with some of my Google+ circles. Thankfully, it was only just me making a bunch of silly faces while testing out a camera. Things could have gotten very embarrassing had I taken photos of a more private nature. I’ve already seen a couple of guys taking some shirtless pics, and I can’t help but wonder if they intended to do that (possible that they did). I’m definitely sure that another guy taking bathroom pics did not intend to share his junk with the world. (I sure as hell wish he didn’t.)

Party Mode is set to automatically terminate once the event ends, but an event isn’t required to have an end date, and you may leave before the defined finish. Always be sure to exit party mode when you no longer wish to share photos (or don’t enter party mode and share all your photos manually). Otherwise, you might let all of the event goers see your drunken escapades or private pics.

How to exit party mode before an event completes

  • Swipe down the notification bar and tap on “Party mode is on”
  • Then disable by unchecking the “Party Mode” button on the following page.

How to share without turning on Party Mode

  • Don’t enable party mode when you start (it’s set to OFF by default)
  • Tap the camera icon in the navigation bar and choose “Take photo” or “Choose photos”
  • Select the photo(s) and video(s) that you wish to share
  • Let Party Mode upload files manually