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Endomondo embraces Holo in Android app redesign, which makes running, cycling, and more better in the process

July 9, 2012 | by Andrew Kameka

Health, Lifestyle


Endomondo is rated as one of Android’s best running apps, but it didn’t have the most beautiful design out there. I’d argue that the purpose of Endomondo – track and display stats of your workout activities – provided more than enough utility to not care about the looks, but that wasn’t enough for the developers. That’s why they’ve announced today that the app is adding some form to go along with the function.

Endomondo has an all new design to improve the appearance and “be consistent with the experience on others apps on Android.” That translates to a new Holo-inspired design that puts a greater emphasis on organization and simplicity. The blocky sections of the old app have been replaced by cleaner lines, larger text, and a drop-down top navigation bar that streamlines functions.

Here’s a rundown of some other major changes:

  • There’s now a very large Play/Pause/Stop button that prevents the likelihood that you’ll stop a workout prematurely because you accidentally pressed the wrong button.
  • There are now pages to show dedicated forms of history. That means you can toggle to see a log of the total distance, duration, or calories burned in each workout on each day.
  • The workout summary page looks much nicer and neater, showing your peak speed, heart rate, average speed, distance, calories burned, and other stats.
  • Running/cycling/etc. routes can now be rated and viewed according to the likes/dislikes, and friends who used the route are displayed. You’ll also be able to add routes to favorites and compare times.
  • News feed has been organized to be simpler, publish workout notes from the website, and see a friend’s feed/workout list.

The design changes make a huge difference for not only the look of the app but how easy it is to manage activities. Considering that you’ll probably be on the go when using Endomondo, that’s kind of important. If you’re about to hit the park for your afternoon workout, be sure to try out the new Endomondo and let us know if it’s any good or if you’re going to go back to a similar app.

[Download from Google Play]