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Dead Trigger brings FPS zombie action to Google Play for $0.99

July 3, 2012 | by Andrew Kameka

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Madfinger Games has released what’s sure to be another runaway Android hit. The folks who brought you Samurai II and Shadowgun have expanded into new territory with Dead Trigger, a post apocalyptic first person shooter where players have to take out waves of zombies trying to kill them. Guns, bullets, and blood – what more could you ask for?

Dead Trigger is an FPS using unity technology and targeting NVIDIA Tegra 3 devices. The graphics are pretty impressive for a mobile game, which is to be expected from Tegra-targeting games, with ominous lighting, cool camera effects like rain droplets altering your vision, and fast gunplay. The game is compatible on non-Tegra devices as well, but Android devices with NVIDIA’s processor and GPU will benefit from noticeably better visuals.

In Dead Trigger, players go out on missions where they are tasked to kill zombies and survive an onslaught without being bitten or overrun. The sophistication of the weapons increase as the game progresses and you accumulate gold. You can also get better weapons through in-app purchases if you’re looking for a shortcut.

Just as the weapons become more advanced, so too will the zombies. Some will move faster than others, some will be larger, and others will travel in big packs. It’s up to players to utilize their weapons – shotguns, machine guns, semi-automatic rifles, etc. – in each mission and withstand the zombies. Some missions require the player to run around a room while others put you in a tight space and declare open season on the zombies. By the way; like all zombie adventures, head shots are your friend.

[Download from Google Play]