Chromemote turns your Chrome browser into a Google TV Remote [App Reviews]

July 24, 2012 | by Andrew Kameka

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Google TV owners may not like their standard remotes, and they may want to use the other GTV remote apps on their Android phone. If that’s the case, Chromemote might be able to help.

Chromemote is a Google Chrome extension that brings the power of a Google TV remote into your browser. The app creates a paired relationship between TV and computer over WiFi, and then turns over control to the television. An emulator resembling the Google TV Remote Android app is accessible by tapping a button on the extensions bar. The drop down remote then makes it possible to control all of the things someone would be able to manage with any of the existing GTV remote options (except for voice controls).

Navigating with Chromemote has its pros and cons. On the pro side, it provides one less gadget to deal with if you’re someone who watches TV with a laptop nearby. The extension provides complete control for switching channels, launching apps, and adjusting volume. It even responds to keyboard input and directional arrow keys.

On the downside, there’s a 1 second delay that happens because users must reestablish a connection every time the extension restarts. Another problem is that the pointer arrow to navigate and select can be a little tricky because the cursor doesn’t always keep pace with finger movements. It’s a good thing the directional keys are so responsive because it’s much easier and smoother to navigate that way.

Owners of the newer class of Google TV devices from Sony (and soon LG or Vizio) will have remotes that are easier to manage. However, users of the Logitech Revue or original Sony Internet TV’s might find that Chromemote is the way to go. The extension offers a blend of the convenience of the GTV Remote Android app and the power of a full keyboard, making this one of the better ways to manage your Google TV.

Install Chromemote from the Chrome Webstore