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Android Apps Alert #100: The Games are upon us!

July 27, 2012 | by Andrew Kameka

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100! Who would have thought that we’d ever get to this point? Finding the best Android apps was hard to do in the early days of the Android Market, which is exactly why we started the Android Apps Alert as a way to highlight the deserving apps and games that you might have missed. These days, there are hundreds of thousands of apps in the Google Play Store and we’re still just scratching the surface.

No need to get too nostalgic because it’s all about the apps after all. Take a look at the descriptions below and follow the links to Google Play to get your fill of apps. And of course, remember that there are plenty of choices waiting beyond these few highlights listed below.


Android 2.3.3+ required
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I remember once reading about someone who took a self-portrait every day to document his appearance for a year. He then created a video showing each day’s image and it looked fairly interesting for some reason I never fully understood. I say this only because there’s a chance you might get the urge to do something similar, and PhotoChron is a free Android app that can help.

PhotoChron is an app that chronicles daily, weekly, or monthly progression through photos. That may be the growth of a child, your journey through weight loss, or just a desire to see how you change over time. Users put their face within a defined circle and take a picture, and then the app creates a video showcasing all of the pictures included in the collection. PhotoChron has an optional reminder to take pictures and can create multiple sets using the front or rear facing camera. It can also edit photos or import from a gallery to create some time-lapse fun.

CTV Olympics London 2012

Android 2.2+ required
Canada only
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The 2012 Olympic Games kick off today, and thousands of hours of racing, shooting, fighting, dancing, and all-around competition will take place over the next few weeks. If you can’t always be near a television to catch it all, the CTV Olympics London 2012 app will keep you up to date with what’s happening. Unfortunately, you’ll have to be near a Wi-Fi connection to use it all because the app doesn’t support 3G or 4G connections.

CTV 2012 features live video streaming of Olympic events broadcast on CTV, TSN, Sportsnet, RDS, and V. There are also video highlights to go along with a dedicated hub for news, event results, and schedules for different sports. There’s also a guide for watching events on a TV, live commentary from fans in the Social Scene section, and fan challenges that will reward one lucky winner a free trip to London to attend the closing ceremony.

Note: You can get similar Olympic coverage in the US and in the UK as well.

1Tap Quick Bar

Android 2.0.1+ required
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Companies like Samsung and LG have included settings toggles in the notification pull-down menu to provide quick access. If you’re someone whose company doesn’t offer that option, or you’d like to add a few custom shortcuts of your own, 1Tap Quick Bar is worth trying out.

1Tap Quick Bar creates custom toolbars to use in the notification window. It can display standard settings like Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, and Airplane mode, but it can also be used to create shortcuts to other activities. 1Tap can have direct dial buttons to a contact, an app they launch frequently, or even go to a specific Gmail label. Users can then customize the background and appearance of the toolbar so the notification window becomes exactly what they need

Battle Monkeys

Android 2.1+ required
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What if monkeys, chimps, and apes were the gladiators who attacked each other for our enjoyment – only we cut out the blood and gore? That scenario would probably be a lot like Battle Monkeys, a game with an interesting mix of strategy and luck. Battle Monkeys puts several primates on a board containing symbols that correspond to weapons or traps. The tiles reposition on each turn, so players have to jump on a tile in order to get a weapon to use against their opponents, or find a shield or health boost to protect themselves. Whoever is left standing after several rounds of attacks is the winner.

Battle Monkeys is an interesting 3D game that can be played solo or with live multiplayer mode against others. You can customize your monkey’s outfit, unlock bigger and badder primates, and level up to improve your chances in the game.

Asphalt 7

Android 2.2+ required
$0.99 + In-app purchases
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Gameloft knows how to produce high-quality games, and Asphalt has served as a testament to that fact for quite a while. The latest in the racing series steps things up with new graphics that show more detail in the settings and a number of new cars available to race. Social got a boost thanks to the new multiplayer mode enables up to 5 friends to participate in a race, and a tracker that compares stats and achievements between players. The game has added new tracks to master and new cars to do it with.

Babel Rising 3D

Android 2.2+ required
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The lowly humans have the nerve to build towers and not expect to incur the wrath of “God Almighty” in Babel Rising, a game in which players take on a morbid role of preventing towers from being built. It’s a tower destruction game rather than tower defense. Players use spells, lighting, rocks, and worldly elements to destroy towers before construction can be completed. The game has actually existed on Android for a while as a premium app, but AMAltd released a free to play version today to make it easier to enjoy 15 levels of carnage.

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