Viggle, a Foursquare for TV that rewards viewers with prizes for checking-in, lands in Google Play

June 27, 2012 | by Andrew Kameka

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There’s always some kind of app to check-in to some kind of activity, but what’s the payoff for all of these activities? Sure, it can be useful to alerting friends to what you’re doing or find out what’s popular, but there’s got to be something more to it all. In the case of Viggle, that something is a points system that rewards users for their frequent use of the app.

Viggle is an entertainment app in which users check in to reveal what they are watching on TV, as well as discover what is worth watching. To check in, users tap on a show and then Viggle begins listening to audio to validate that the viewer has selected the right show. Tell the app that you’re watching the MTV Movie Awards and it will award you 75 points. Take a 15 second, three-question survey about a brand and that’s another 15 points.

So its just another way to endlessly use an app that takes forever and a day to dole out rewards? Not quite. Viggle is more than just the long pursuit of points and a few kickbacks. The app has a TV guide portion that tells users what’s on and what shows are trending at the moment, as well as built-in reminders to when your favorite shows start. It also provides links to see pre-approved Twitter and Facebook accounts associated with a show, IMDb or Wikipedia info, and links to purchase the show on Amazon.

All those lovely virtual points can be redeemed for real world gifts. Viggle points can be used to claim a Kindle Fire, MacBook Air, Redbox rentals, gift cards from CVS or Lowes, coupons, and much more. The decent prizes require a great deal of points (tens of thousands), so expect to put in a lot of check-ins before you get rewarded for the practice.

Get Glue and Into_Now have also offered TV check in apps, and the former does a better job of the social aspect of linking fans. Viggle incentivizes the practice in ways that the others don’t. For now, this is the way to go if you are a hired gun who wants to see tangible results and a pay off from your TV socializing.

Viggle requires Android 2.2 or higher. The company is celebrating Android availability by kicking off a daily giveaway of 1 million points. Each day Viggle members are automatically entered to win and receive one entry every time they check into a TV show during the promotion.