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UDJ App on IndieGoGo promises more popular music playlists at parties

June 21, 2012 | by Darren Meehan

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UDJ is a new service available on Android that allows people at a party to vote for the songs playing, though it’s in private beta. I for one think its a great idea; it’ll rid parties of those terrible music play-lists, as its hard to pick music to suit everyone. Thanks to UDJ, we’ll be rid of the days when one person controlled the music, and everyone will be in control of what plays.

The developers of UDJ are looking for funding to take this app to the next level. The UDJ Player is in private beta so testing it out isn’t possible for everyone, though if fund anything over $5 you get access to the player. There’s two parts to UDJ – the Mobile app and the online UDJ player.

The developers have broken down their funding requests into the following: They plan on using $2000 for the design of the app, which in its current from they describe as “it leaves much to be desired.” If they get the required funding they’ll hire a designer to spice up the UI. With regards to developing the app - Spotify integration, a sharper user interface and “a few other tricks” that they’re keeping under wraps, to quote the developers. The developers ask for another $2,000 for this development. $1,000 has been set aside for the internet requirements needed by the app. This is needed as the phones are connected through the internet with their server in the middle coordinating everything. Another $500 has been allotted for miscellaneous expenses that might arise.

The developers have opened sourced the code for their Android app which you can view, and indeed fully access on Github.It’s interesting to see exactly where money for an Android app, not to mention being able to see their code and view changes as they’re made.

It’s not limited to parties either – UDJ could be used in bars, discos, restaurants, buses – anywhere with a group of people and music. While the focus at the moment is getting the app and service working better they’ve been discussing ideas on Reddit, which has been pleasing a lot of Android users, with a lot even helping fund the app.