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TiVo for Tablets comes to Android with remote control, guide, and recording manager built in

June 21, 2012 | by Andrew Kameka

Entertainment, Multimedia


TiVo has finally made its way to Android tablets. Sure, the phone app released back in January was accessible on 7-inch tablets, but that was of little comfort to all of the people who wanted a tablet UI on their Xoom’s, Primes, and Tabs. Those users can officially join the party now.

TiVo for Tablets requires Android 2.2 or higher and does a better job of filling up the screen with content. The design has more in common with iOS than ICS, but there are at least a lot of features to help overlook that. TiVo has a programming guide to see what’s on, and it can be viewed by channel, date, or time. The guide also schedules recordings and starts playing shows if it’s currently broadcasting.

Search is another way to discover what movies and shows are playing – or at least when they play – and then perform the same tasks available from the guide.

Other features from TiVo include:

  • Remote - the app features both a full-screen replica of the TiVo remote and a remote that relies on gestures.
  • Info - find actor, show, cast, and crew details within the app. You can also see an actor’s filmography.
  • My Shows – Maintain a list of your favorite shows to know when to watch and monitor how much storage is available on the TV for recordings.
  • Season Pass Manager - Edit Season Pass recordings and queue order.
  • Schedules – Browse or search TV listings and then trigger recordings even if you aren’t at home.

[Download from Google Play]