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Temple Run: Brave puts a Disney Pixar twist on a popular running game

June 14, 2012 | by Andrew Kameka

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Imangi’s Temple Run is arguably the most hyped mobile game released this year, and Pixar’s new animated film Brave will make parent company Disney a lot of money. The two hype beasts are teaming up to launch Temple Run: Brave, a new version of Imagi’s popular game that incorporates the theme of Brave.

Temple Run: Brave features the same action you’d expect from the standard running game. The difference is that instead of being chased by monkeys, you’re chased by a massive bear. The scenery features cleared paths, damaged bridges, and treacherous terrain inspired by Scotland. It’s basically trading-in the jungles of the Indiana Jones-inspired original game for a forest haunted by a demonic bear.

The key differentiator, aside from the scenery, is the inclusion of archery. Brave’s antagonist is a highborn Scottish girl named Merida who happens to be gifted with a bow and arrow, so Temple Run: Brave players will have to shoot down targets while they make their escape. Accuracy in shooting and picking up coins along the way will earn players high scores that they can then use for power-ups and rewards as they run, jump, slide, and shoot.

Temple Run: Brave is available now for $0.99 USD in Google Play. The game requires Android 2.1 or higher. Purchasing the game will start players with 2,500 coins to use towards power-ups.

[Download from Google Play]