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Soundhound speeds-up song ID process, adds new features to revamped music discovery app

June 7, 2012 | by Andrew Kameka

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SoundHound, an Android app that can listen to music playing in the background and identify the artist and name of a song, has made some important feature changes in an update now live in Google Play.

Launching SoundHound reveals a new homescreen that splits the app into two parts: the top half, which has the same trigger button that listens to identify a song, and the bottom which has a carousel for music discovery. Soundhound now shows which songs are the most shared from the app, allowing people to learn about trending music or maybe even find a song they forgot to look-up before. It also showcases one song per day that offers full streaming. (There’s also a dedicated section for finding the most popular songs.)

Discovery is nice, but Soundhound is still about figuring out the name of songs that you hear and like. The app is well known for it’s ability to hear music and use it’s audio recognition tools to identify a song and provide information or links associated with it. That process is even quicker thanks to some change for which Soundhound hasn’t shared the details. Whatever the cause may be, I have noticed that it’s able to spot songs about a second or two faster. The progress bar moves quicker and the app doesn’t seem to need to listen to as much parts of the song to find a match.

Soundhound has also improved the speed of its LiveLyrics feature that scrolls lyrics along to music. It’s part of a UI refresh that now uses an ActionBar and provides one-tap access to search history and Top Songs/Most Shared Songs. Grab the app from Google Play to try it out.

[Download from Google Play]