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Smule Magic Piano brings its Guitar Hero like music game to Android

June 13, 2012 | by Andrew Kameka

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Smule’s Magic Piano has been tearing up the charts, in a music and app sense, on iOS for quite some time now. Today Smule, the same folks who brought your the Auto-Tuney Songify app, have delivered the popular title to Android 2.2 and higher devices.

Magic Piano is sort of like Guitar Hero and other rhythm gaming titles. A series of dots float across the screen and must be tapped once they cross into a designated beam area. The app then gives live feedback if the player is going too fast or too slow, allowing the user to discover the right pace and tone to play. Just like a real piano, you will sound like crap if you don’t get the right pace, but you can actually product pretty good sounds when timing screen taps appropriately.

The better the sound, the higher score you’ll earn in Magic Piano. The goal is to get three stars and prove yourself to be a prodigy. Classic piano songs like Beethoven’s “Fur Elise” are included in the app, but you can also play less distinguished compositions like “The Final Countdown” or the Jurassic Park theme music. The Songbook can be expanded by purchasing new downloads with virtual credits (with real money or “free” promotional offers). A full list of downloadable songs is available on the Magic Piano Google Play listing.

[Download Magic Piano from Google Play]