Samsung Galaxy S III Flip cover case review

June 26, 2012 | by Andrew Kameka



The Samsung Galaxy S III has a screen the just screams “Show Me Off,” but you also may feel the urge to cover it up to limit risk of damage. Lucky for the overprotective sect of Android users, Samsung has released a flip cover case to protect your phone in style.

The Galaxy S III Flip case is a protective wallet that latches on to the back of the phone and wraps around to put a thin cover off the front of the screen. The case uses a plastic back similar to the standard battery cover, but the front has a thin synthetic cover to minimize scratching. I’m the kind of guy willing to rely on Gorilla Glass 2, which the GS III already has, but this works for people who demand more safety. The inside of the case has a soft felt material that doesn’t affect the screen or make the 8.6 mm phone thicker.

When closed, the flip case can be a guardian from keys in your pocket. Unfortunately, it doesn’t come as in handy when dropped because there’s no latch keeping the case close to the screen. When I accidentally dropped the Galaxy S III, the flip case popped open on the way down. I was also disappointed to realize that the case blocks the notification light in the top left corner because there’s no opening to protect it.

Corning Gorilla Glass adds glass reinforcement and scratch resistance to the Galaxy S III, but it’s not infallible. The original flip cover case for the Galaxy S III adds extra protection and comes in multiple colors in case you want to add flair to function. Considering that the cases adds little value and costs $39.99 at Amazon, this is definitely a luxury purchase. Here’s a hands-on video showing the case in action and containing a few extra thoughts.