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Pinterest Android apps hands-on first impressions

June 27, 2012 | by Andrew Kameka



Pinterest is the third best social network, behind Facebook and Twitter, if you let some people tell it. The social bookmarking and sharing service is especially popular among women, and that’s without even having a decent mobile app to use the app on Android. Well, for now that’s the case.

At Google I/O 2012, the Pinterest Android app made its debut in the Android Sandbox demo center. The app didn’t launch in Google Play as some people suspected, but a developer from Pinterest is on hand to show how members can discover and share items – photos, links, and videos – on Android just as easily they can on a desktop. They even revealed that Pinterest is launching with a hopeful date of end of summer, though there’s no guarantee.

This is just an early build of Pinterest, so I was asked not to film on video. However, in my quick hands-on time with the app, compatible on both the Nexus 7 and Galaxy Nexus, the only thing that could be wrong is crashes or stability issues. The UX of the app looks great, follows the Android design conventions, and still manages to feel like a mobile version of Pinterest. The same simplicity of the desktop site is available, and all of the important features are there.

Pinterest works by members creating boards centered around a topic or theme. Members then pin items to save for viewing later or sharing with others. So someone planning a wedding can create a board showcasing dresses, place settings, and possible venues. Someone who is into photography can create a board showcasing great photos, and another person into tech can make a board showing the latest gadgets. Users can create as many boards as they want, and they can control which are private, shared publicly, or shared only with a group of friends. The Pinterest app will support the Android share function, allowing users to pin items from the browser or others apps, and it will be able to share links.

A few Pinterest alternatives like Pin’d and Pinhog have been available for a few months, but the official app enables a direct experience that will be most familiar to Pinterest users. Expect to hear, and perhaps see, more later this year.