Pebble Smartwatch should see plenty of apps thanks to API so easy an app can be built in an hour [VIDEO]

June 28, 2012 | by Andrew Kameka



Pebble. By now, that name alone should trigger an involuntary reaction of facts and opinions. It’s the biggest Kickstarter project ever, the ultimate Android companion, and the most overrated/long-awaited (depending on who you ask) tech accessory in quite some time. That’s a lot of weight to put on a product that wasn’t even finalized before 85,000 people fought for the right to be among the earliest of early adopters.

It just so happens that Pebble is among the featured presenters at the Google I/O 2012 Developer Sandbox, and the watch is still in the prototype phase that we’ve seen since its Kickstarter success. Thus, my plans to get a hands-on were cast aside, which is good; I found the developer aspect – the reason Pebble is attending I/O – to be much more interesting anyway.

Pebble today launched its SDK program that will provide a set of API’s developers can use to build apps. Considering that Pebble is a Bluetooth-enabled watch that links with Android devices to integrate with phone apps, it makes sense that its creators would want to encourage the 6,000 developers on-hand to support their hyped product.

The Pebble SDK is available at It should be worth a long look, especially once you hear that RunKeeper managed to create the foundation of an app within an hour. Here’s a video featuring both RunKeeper and Pebble developers discussing some of the things you can do.