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Overwhelming demand leads Sprint to delay 32GB Galaxy S III pre-order shipments

June 19, 2012 | by Natesh Sood

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A leaked T-Mobile memo earlier today revealed that the carrier could not allocate enough Galaxy S III devices to its retail stores across the country, forcing the carrier to launch on June 21 only in key markets.  Sprint has just come forth issuing its own statement regarding its stock of Galaxy S III devices.

According to Sprint, pre-orders of the 16GB model should ship as scheduled by June 21, but there may be a day or two delay for unknown reasons.  Unfortunately for those who pre-ordered the 32GB model, Sprint anticipates these will ship in about a week.  In addition, the Sprint 16GB Galaxy S III model will be available for purchase across web sales and telesales starting June 21.  A week later, the devices will be sent to “all remaining sales channels.”  The wireless carrier cites “overwhelming demand” as the main culprit in shipping delays.

Sprint decided to take a different approach than T-Mobile, but both seem to hurt customers a little bit.  All this demand is great for Samsung, but I wish the manufacturer was better able to meet demand and not leave customers temporarily empty-handed.  Feel free to chime in below with your thoughts on the delay.