Nike+ Running app for Android sprints into Google Play

June 21, 2012 | by Andrew Kameka

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All the beer and wings you’re consuming tonight watching the NBA Finals needs to be worked off at some point, so why not do it with the all new Nike+ Running for Android app?

Nike+ Running is designed to be a running companion app. Whether you’re jogging through the park or in the gym on a treadmill, the phone tracks distance traveled. It can then create a map of your route (if outdoors) and upload your data to From there, you can see your maps on the desktop, spot the best routes in your area according to other runners, and set goals that you can monitor.

The GPS and accelerometer help track distance, pace, and duration of each session. The Run Summary then tacks on weather conditions, terrain, and how you felt. It also has a tie-in to share runs to Facebook or Twitter, as well as connect with other runners in your social circle.

The Nike+ app is pretty sleek looking, but the focus is on motivation. The app has challenges and goals, as well as in-ear encouragement from friends and family through Facebook. You can also get incremental voice notifications when you’ve run a certain distance or for an amount of time. And when you really need that extra boost from your music, a pre-designated “Power Song” can pop-up to give that big push.

Nike+ Running has been incredibly popular on that other mobile OS, garnering more than 7 million users, and a few accessories for fitness tracking have made it tougher for Android users to be on the sideline. There have been some great alternatives, but folks who wanted the official app can finally have at it. There’s no word yet if the app is compatible with the suite of accessories, but anyone with Android 2.3 or higher can grab the app now.