Nexus Q – a home Android & cloud audio/video streaming solution for $299

June 27, 2012 | by Andrew Kameka

Accessories, Android


Google is jumping feet first into the home entertainment system with the all new Nexus Q, a “social streaming media player” that is launching next month.

Nexus Q is Google’s second play, after Google TV, for a place in the user’s home entertainment set-up. The tiny media box connects with your home television or speakers and then pulls in media from the cloud. The major selling point that Google stresses is that there are no downloads, syncing, or space limitations. The device is limited only by your desires of what’s available in Google Play or YouTube (it accesses the media stored in Google Play).

Music fans can connect to their Google Music account and stream all the songs that they have purchased from Google Play or uploaded to their personal storage. Movie and TV fans can access the content they have purchased from lay and stream it to the television, and YouTube fans can send clips from the phone to the TV.

You can also connect with your Android device because Nexus Q tightly integrates with Google Play and Android. To be clear, you are not streaming from your Android phone/tablet to Q; it’s actually streaming the content from the cloud. The Android phone or tablet functions only as a controller to trigger the video or music that you wish to play.

Google calls the Nexus Q the first social streaming media player because more than one user can access it. Friends can bring their Google Play Music to stream on a device, so your buddy Matt can connect to the device and add another song to the queue. Everyone is a DJ because everyone can connect multiple devices, and anyone can switch the song playing next or adjust the queue from their device.

“No more passing around a laptop or keyboard,” Google says.

However, you might need to pass around the collection plate. The Nexus Q launches for $299 in US and is available in Google Play for pre-order now. It will ship in mid July.