Nextcall knows the last time you called clients (or your mom) and schedules alerts to call again

June 11, 2012 | by Andrew Kameka

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Evaluated version: 1.3

Pros: Logs calls for business or personal contacts, sets custom alerts for calling

Cons: A bug prevents selecting contacts with long names

When’s the last time you called Jane at Generic Company, Inc., or spoke to Joe at Other Company & Sons? If you had to think more than 10 seconds to remember, you probably need to check-out Nextcall, an Android 2.1+ app that helps users remember who to call and when.

Though it’s designed primarily for business use, Nextcall can also offer personal benefits. The app works by identifying important contacts – top clients or family and friends – and then monitors how long it has been since you last called that person. So if a paper salesman sees that he hasn’t spoken to a school board in 2 months, it might be time to call to check-in and say hello one month before the board needs to re-order its paper supply.

Nextcall creates both a log and schedule to gently remind users when it’s time to reach out to someone. Upon set-up, someone taps once to assign a group to business, or twice to categorize that person as a personal contact. Someone can then view the subsets of people separately or jointly. Nextcall then lists contacts and reveals how long it’s been since you’ve last called. The app can then create a schedule to suggest you call all business contacts every X number weeks, and all personal contacts every Y number of weeks. The best aspect of Nextcall is that you can even customize the app to call a specific contact as frequently as you desire.

Nextcall is a good app for keeping up on when to call your brother in Beirut or your client in Chicago. The app is free and works with Android 2.1 or higher. If you’re someone who works in sales or just someone who needs help to remember when to pick up the phone, grab this app from Google Play.