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New Firefox for Android launched today – faster than ever

June 26, 2012 | by Darren Meehan

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Today Mozilla announced a new update to Firefox for Android which is now available for download in Google’s Play Store. The new update is extremely fast – the  update addresses the app’s performance issues which many users complained of with earlier versions.

“The new Firefox for Android is a snappy and dynamic upgrade to mobile browsing that makes it faster and easier to get where you want to go on the Web.” is how Mozilla sums up the new Firefox.  This update is all about speed and Mozilla have redesigned Firefox for Android to have improve performance, startup and page load times are now a lot quicker, as is panning and zooming. Combined with a new interface this is a massive update for Firefox.

Mozilla claims the new Firefox is significantly faster than the stock Android browser in industry standard benchmarks such as Sunspider. They’ve also built their own new benchmark called Eideticker which aims to measure “actual user experience”, or “how a browser feels” as one developer phrased it. This new version of Firefox for Android was built using this new benchmark so it’ll be interesting to see how everyone feels about the new speed upgrades. To see how fast Firefox now is check out this video from the Firefox channel on YouTube, though I recommend installing the app and trying it out yourself.

The new update didn’t only bring with it new great speed improvements, it  also features a  new interface – streamlined and optimized for maximum usability. Tabbed browsing, Firefox Sync and Firefox Add-ons have also all been worked on to help optimize Firefox for Android, completing their quest for a more usable and faster Firefox. New HTML5 capabilities are now also available on Firefox for Android meaning a more powerful and modern web is available to its users.

I must say, after using this new update Firefox feels a lot faster. Mozilla have really improved Firefox with this massive update, possibly the biggest since Firefox’s initial launch on Android. You can check it out now on the Play Store.