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My Xbox Live Android app now available in Google Play

June 13, 2012 | by Andrew Kameka

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Microsoft has released My Xbox Live, an all new made for Android that keeps gamers connected to the social aspect of their Xbox consoles.

My Xbox Live lets users “take your Xbox LIVE experience wherever you go.” The app supports tracking and comparing achievements, so players can get an idea of how they are doing by browsing on their phone. The app also enables comparisons with friends to see which of you is really the best at a certain game. Just to solidify the social aspect, you can message your Xbox LIVE friends.

LIVE can create or edit an avatar and profile directly from an Android phone. The same clothing, facial features, accessories, and props found in the console are configurable within the app as well. To recap the available features in the new app, you can do the following:
• Track and compare your achievements with your LIVE friends
• Change up your 3D avatar
• Message your Xbox LIVE friends
• Edit your LIVE Profile

My Xbox Live confirms a rumor from early January that Microsoft would release an Android app for its gaming console. The writing on the wall was obvious thanks to job listings, and you can now download the app to see if the new hires did a good job. The app is free but requires a paid Xbox LIVE account obviously. Download My Xbox Live from Google Play if you have an Android 2.2 or higher device with WGVA or better screen resolution.

[Download from Google Play]

Thanks, Ryan