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meebo shutting down on July 11 following Google acquisition

June 9, 2012 | by Andrew Kameka



Instant messaging and sharing service Meebo was recently acquired by Google, and that has led to the company’s shutdown next month. Meebo announced today it will suspend services as the team behind the product is folded into new assignments on the Google+ project.

Meebo Messenger and “All Meembo Mobile apps” will no longer be operational after the company shuts down on July 11, 2012. That includes the Android app that has been downloaded 1 to 5 million times from Google Play but hasn’t been updated since November 2009. Despite that long layoff of updates and advancements, there was still a sizable population of Meebo users on Android who will be disappointed to learn that their favored chat client is going kaput.

From now until July 11, Meebo users can visit to learn how they can download their chat logs and archive past conversations. Download instructions for getting the chat logs are very easy to follow.

While it’s sad to see a product fade into the sunset so quickly after acquisition, there’s hope that the meebo team will bring its chat expertise to Google+ soon. The Android app left a lot to be desired, but this was probably more about advertising and working between mobile and desktop services. Maybe some of that magic will trickle down or – complete speculation and wishful thinking alert – this might be Google’s way of integrating it’s messaging/chat services.

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