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HD Widgets 3.0 adds new UI, theme packs, and more customization for $0.99

June 7, 2012 | by Andrew Kameka

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Popular clock and weather widget pack HD Widgets has been treated to a beautiful new upgrade. HD Widgets 3.0 has been updated to have an Ice Cream Sandwich style updater that makes it much easier to style your homescreen. The app now has a WYSIWYG editor showing exactly how each change made will affect the final look, and it includes current time, weather, and orientation settings.

HD Widgets 3.0 also turns the widget selection process on its head. Users now have complete control over the widget settings, allowing for the mixing and matching of certain elements. A full-screen widget can have a black background while the clock area is orange, clock styles can be changed, fonts and colors altered, and settings switch colors are adjustable. A new Random button will create a random mix of settings that can then be tweaked to get just the right look.

Cosmetics aside, HD Widgets has multiple weather services – Accuweather, Google Weather, WeatherBug, Weather Underground – that can be changed to get more accurate readings. The app supports multiple locations when launching the weather service to look at forecasts. There’s also a new Theme Pack that can change the graphics in HD Widgets. A High Res Pack that increases the size of graphics on tablets is available now, and two more packs will be available later this month.

HD Widgets is available now in Google Play for $0.99. This is a temporary sales price that ends Friday afternoon (June 8, 2012), so grab it now if the app interests you. The app should be available starting at 1 PM today.

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