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Google Drive gets improved access & sharing on mobile, and desktop version gains offline editing

June 28, 2012 | by Andrew Kameka

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Google Drive got a new update today that should ease the process of accessing and sharing files on Android.

The latest version of Drive, available now for devices running Android 2.1 and higher, introduces the ability to upload and download any file type according to the Play listing. It also has an improved “Recent” tab showing the documents that were recently edited or opened, quicker suggestions for contacts to share files with, and the ability to choose text alignment when editing documents.

The update debuts some nice small changes, however it doesn’t feature the bees part of today’s Google Drive developments – on the fly offline editing. Google announced today that the desktop version of Drive will support offline editing. The cloud-based document app previously required a persistent Internet connection to make changes and use the app; however, users can now get the full range of features – formatting and all – even when they are offline.

Google Drive on the desktop now supports offline communication. The way it works is that Google has made the Docs features available for writing and editing text documents offline. The app functions as normal and caches changes on the device. Once the user regains connectivity, the changes are instantly applied to the latest Google Drive document.

Complete offline support will hopefully appear in a future update for Android. For now, you can try out the new features previously mentioned.

[Download from Google Play]