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Google acquires QuickOffice, probably improves Drive in the process

June 5, 2012 | by Andrew Kameka


Quickoffice for Android

Google announced today that it has acquired QuickOffice, the company that has specialized in powerful productivity apps for mobile devices. Financial terms weren’t disclosed, but money’s clearly no object to Google when it comes to buying something it wants. And what exactly did Google want in this deal? Better Apps and mobile support.

Alan Warren, engineer director at Google, said that Google would be “working on bringing [QuickOffice's] powerful technology to our Apps product suite.” By apps, Warren speaks specifically of the corporate and paid services from Google Apps, which aims to get things done on any device. That’s an area in which QuickOffice specializes. We’ve already rated its Microsoft Office-compatible editors very highly, and the apps have more than 150,000 downloads in Google Play, as well as supporting iOS. This acquisition brings in a talented group of people to apply that success to Google’s product.

Google made this acquisition to improve its productivity suite, which should naturally trickle down to consumer level products like Google Drive. While Drive has improved tremendously on mobile in recent months, it’s not on the same level as all of the formatting options available in QuickOffice. In a few months, we’ll likely see improvements made to the way Drive handles the creation of documents, spreadsheets, and presentations. For now, QuickOffice will continue to support its current apps.

Here’s Google’s full statement on the deal:

We’re happy to announce that we have acquired QuickOffice, a leader in office productivity solutions.

Today, consumers, businesses and schools use Google Apps to get stuff done from anywhere, with anyone and on any device. Quickoffice has an established track record of enabling seamless interoperability with popular file formats, and we’ll be working on bringing their powerful technology to our Apps product suite.

Quickoffice has a strong base of users, and we look forward to supporting them while we work on an even more seamless, intuitive and integrated experience.

We’re excited to welcome the Quickoffice team and their users to Google.

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