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Foursquare gets a complete overhaul of app with new UI and changes to service

June 7, 2012 | by Andrew Kameka



Foursquare has gone native with a new user interface that more closely resembles an Android app. An update to the popular location-sharing app has just gone live that makes it easier to switch between Friends, Explore, and Me (profile) tabs to access Foursquare’s core functions.

The new Foursquare UI launches to a timeline of your friends’ most recent check-ins, just like the previous version. The difference is that it no longer simply shows the most recent check-in from each friend; instead, a stream shows the most recent check-in from anyone on your list. There’s also more information displayed, such as full-screen photos included in check-ins and comments made. The view doesn’t provide as quick a scan to seeing where everyone is at this exact moment, but it provides more information.

The Explore tab has also changed the categorized listings of venue types. It now shows which friends are near your current location, displays a Facebook deal at a nearby venue, and then shows the most popular location for each type of place. Foursquare will suggest a highly rated Cuban restaurant nearby, and below it will be a link to see other food places. Below that will be a recommended places based on trending/popularity and where your friends have been. It’s no longer simply choosing between food and nightlife; you browse based on what’s of note. Search is still available as is a map of the area.

The Me tab reorganizes your stats, photos, settings, and most recent check-ins. It, along with other aspects of Foursquare – including the check-in process that has been stripped to its bare minimum – represent a major change to the way that Foursquare functions. I’m anxious to see how people will respond to these changes, so head to Google Play and download it now.

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The #allnew4sq is here! from foursquare on Vimeo.