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Chameleon Kickstarter gets a Part Deux, offers tablet AND phone UI

June 21, 2012 | by Andrew Kameka

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Remember that Kickstarter project with the Best Tablet UI Ever that we wrote about a few weeks ago? Well, the fund seekers had a behind the scenes snafu that required them to cancel the Kickstarter project and re-list it. They’ve already managed to get successfully funded the second time around, and they’re celebrating the enthusiasm by “sweetening the pot” with something else – a UI for your phone as well.

Chameleon is a project from design firm Teknision that provides beautiful widget-based interfaces for tablets. It’s like a replacement tablet launcher that provides access to news and social feeds, toggles, media, and more. The look is incredible and highly customizable, including the ability to create multiple interfaces that can be swapped out at the user’s convenience. You can have a media-friendly mode at home, and a productivity-friendly mode at work.

Teknision announced today that it’s going a step farther and introducing Chameleon for phones. Backers who pledge $5 or more to the project can secure themselves first access to a version built for phones. Teknision didn’t reveal what backers could expect for their phones, but did confirm it’s coming by holding up a Galaxy Nexus and saying Kickstarters would receive it before the app goes on sale later this year in Google Play.

Chameleon’s appeal, in my opinion at least, was always the way that it took advantage of larger screens. Rather than rely on a mishmash of widgets and app shortcuts, it provides a large, unified look for consuming content that was easy to toggle. It was like a full-scale version of the old HTC Scenes. I’m not so sure if scaling down to the tablet will be as compelling or distinguished from the other launchers available for phones now. But if you’re as curious about the tablet and or phone versions of Chameleon, you’ve got until July 4 at 1:18 PM ET to submit $5 or more and put your name on the list for early access.

[Kickstarter] Thanks, Fernando