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AT&T delays shipping the pre-ordered Galaxy S III models until June 25

June 21, 2012 | by Natesh Sood

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According to a recent statement by AT&T, customers who pre-ordered the Samsung Galaxy S III will not receive the device until June 25.  There is a slight chance it could arrive earlier, but AT&T suggests most will not arrive until June 25.

Customers who attempt to pre-order the device now can do so, but AT&T says the order will not be fulfilled for at least ten business days.  The nation’s second largest carrier is scrambling to gain enough inventory from Samsung just as nearly every other carrier is doing.  Even though pre-orders are currently being accepted, AT&T has not publicly revealed a launch date in which customers can stroll into an AT&T retail store and walk out with the Galaxy S III.

AT&T will continue to alert those who pre-ordered the device via SMS and email as to the shipment schedule.  We’re hoping AT&T sticks to its word of June 25 for shipping the current pre-orders, but we also hope AT&T can launch the Galaxy S III sooner rather than later.