ASUS Transformer AiO dual-boots Windows 8 and Android on 18-inch screen.

June 4, 2012 | by Andrew Kameka

Asus Tablets


ASUS has announced that it will merge the worlds of Windows 8 and Android 4.0 with a dual-booting computer known as the ASUS Transformer AiO. Devices that can dual boot Windows and Android aren’t exactly new, but rarely do you see one like the Transformer AiO, which is as much an 18-inch tablet as it is a computer with an 18-inch screen.

ASUS unveiled the AiO today at Computex, showing off a prototype of a tablet in disguise. The All-in-one computer, hence the ‘AiO’ name, acts as a standard Windows desktop when docked. Users can launch Windows 8 apps and have a fully-functional experience thanks to the ports and drives in the dock. When the display is disconnected from the dock, it automatically transforms into an Android 4.0 Ice Cream Sandwich tablet. There, users will be able to run their favorite Android apps and features.

The Transformer AiO keeps a few Android surprises around. A button in the back of dock allows can switch between Android and Windows 8 modes when docked. A partnership with Bluestacks will also enable using Android apps in Windows 8 thanks to the Bluestacks Android player.

Pricing and availability is not yet available for the Transformer AiO, but it’s an interesting concept that users should keep an eye on. Here’s a hands-on video courtesy of Engadget that offers an idea of how the Transformer AiO works.

video courtesy of Engadget