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Sony Xperia S Android 4.0 update demoed on camera

May 28, 2012 | by Andrew Kameka

Sony Mobile


Fans of Sony Mobile are still smarting from news that the Xperia Play was dis-invited from the Ice Cream Sandwich party, so now they’re forced to watch from a window outside as their friends prepare to enjoy Android 4.0. Thai language mobile site has uploaded a five minute video detailing some changes in Android 4.0 that Sony Xperia S users should enjoy soon.

The video reveals some solid features like the ability to slide across a lockscreen to use the music playback widget without having to actually unlock the phone. The music player has been renamed Walkman and an equalizer has been added. It also shows the stacked widget system that we’ve seen since Android 3.0, a new app drawer, retooled Xperia launcher, and an improved notification drawer.

The core features displayed in the video are to be expected in any Android 4.0 update, so there aren’t many surprises in terms of capabilities. However, every OEM’s take on Android, including the user interface “skin” employed, is different. It’s good to see how Sony has managed to integrate its Xperia UI with the new Android 4.0 overhaul. The look is pretty attractive, and it’s better than I’ve seen from other companies.

All that’s left to be seen is how it performs on an actual device day in and day out. Sony has yet to provide a date for when the update will be available to the Xperia S.

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