Scramble With Friends “Smartmatch” pairs random opponents with similar skill levels, improves chat

May 7, 2012 | by Andrew Kameka

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Scramble With Friends players who like to compete against random opponents may have noticed that they are suddenly winning more often or having fewer blowouts over the past few dies. No, you didn’t suddenly get better or worse at the game; Zynga just got better at finding a quality opponent.

Scramble With Friends is Android 2.2+ game that tasks players with connecting adjacent letters to form words. Players must be quick and make smart use of their power-ups to score as many points as possible in three competitive 2 minute rounds. Scramble can pit users against their Facebook friends or a random opponent.

The latest update to Scramble With Friends includes a “SmartMatch” tweak that “matches you with players on the same skill level.” Scramble previously selected an opponent at random without much thought for word wizardry, leading to some woefully overmatched players. That diminished the fun of the game because it discouraged players on the losing edge and underwhelmed winners who felt unchallenged.

SmartMatch takes a player’s past performance into account and tries to locate other players who have displayed a similar knack for words. As a player’s acumen grows, so does his or her level of competition when choosing a random opponent. I’ve relied heavily on random opponents to play Scramble With Friends and been on both ends of a mismatch. This balance of power has led to closer games and a better experience.

Other new features in the latest update include:

  • Better Chat! The Round Results screen has been redone to be chattier, making it easier than ever to (trash) talk with your friends!
  • Stroke of Genius! The Inspire boost has gotten a shocking new makeover!
  • Spring Cleaning! We’ve swept up countless bugs that make your Scramble experience squeaky clean!

Scramble With Friends is available in Google Play. There is a free ad-supported version and a paid $0.99 version that removes ads and decreases wait times.