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Google Voice adds new controls for anonymous and unknown callers (Website only)

May 30, 2012 | by Andrew Kameka



Google Voice was recently updated to give users more control over how to respond to certain groups of people and members of their Google+ Circles. A new update rolling out now will also gives users control over how to handle calls from people outside of your address book or from a private number.

The new group management system, accessible through the Google Voice website, provides additional options on how to treat calls from people who are not in an address book. This allows Google Voice users to create a setting that will forward calls from those numbers only to an office phone or voicemail. It can also make those callers hear a custom greeting or automatically screen calls from people outside of your Google contacts.

The real gem is that Voice also addresses Anonymous callers. If a number doesn’t have caller ID information, like when the ID says only “Private” or Unknown,” it is marked as an “Anonymous Caller.” Voice users can then set to have such calls automatically blocked, screened, forwarded to voicemail, etc. This will be good news to anyone ducking weirdoes, shady ex girlfriends/boyfriends, bill collectors, and telemarketers who just won’t take a hint.

Visit Google Voice and click the “Groups & Circles” tab in the settings area to set-up how you want these changes to affect your account. At the moment, Google Voice is currently available only in the United States.

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