Google Play Store begins selling Galaxy Nexus accessories

May 30, 2012 | by Natesh Sood

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Several weeks ago, Google began selling an unlocked Samsung Galaxy Nexus through the Devices section of the Google Play Store.  The phone is available $399 to anyone in the United States.  Since it is an unlocked GSM model, it would only work in with AT&T or T-Mobile (granted, the only carriers without its own LTE variant).

Today, Google announced through a Google+ posting that the Samsung Galaxy Nexus being sold online will be accompanied by a few accessories.  The accessories include a standard vehicle dock, HDMI Portrait Desktop Dock, and a Desktop Dock with Pogo Pin.  The pricing is $54, $49, and $54, respectively.  Each of the accessories can be found on the Galaxy Nexus product page.  Keep in mind that these accessories will work with the GSM/HSPA+ model only.  Therefore, the folks on Verizon and Sprint with an LTE model are out of luck in terms of using these accessories.

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