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Google+ for Android redesigns and adds ability to start hangouts

May 24, 2012 | by Andrew Kameka



The Google+ Android app has been updated, as promised a few weeks ago. And while the changes in design are not as dramatic as the ones demonstrated in the iOS version, they do add a touch of a style to the ICS guidelines.

The new Google+ Android app has been changed to feature more noticeable breaks between updates in the stream. Headers and large profile photos appear on text updates, and media is dynamically displayed. Photos have thumbnails that take up the screen from end to end horizontally, and text is layered on top of it. The same is done when someone posts a video or webpage link with a thumbnail.

Aside from the cosmetic changes that will be loved by many and hated by some, the app added some very important, long requested, oh-my-goodness-i-cant-believe-it-took-them-this-long-to-give-it-to-us features as well. Those features include:

  • Initiate a Hangout - Android users could previously join hangouts, but they couldn’t start them. That’s now possible by going to Stream > Hangouts
  • Support for ringing hangout notification - Upon a hangout invitation, your phone will get a ring
  • Support for post editing - You can finally fix your typo’s or change things without having to go to a computer.
  • Messenger suggestions for people you may know – This one’s actually not an OMG feature. It just scans your contacts to suggest people to message on G+.
  • Download photos from posts or Messenger conversations - If you spot a funny or attractive pic online and want to save it, you can do it by pressing the Action Bar/Menu and selecting “Download Image.” It will not work if that person has chosen not to let people download the image.

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