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Evernote Hello helps you remember people and encounters more effectively

May 30, 2012 | by Andrew Kameka



Remembering people is a pain, especially if you are in an industry that requires meeting new people often. Evernote Hello, a new app from the same people who help you remember the tasks and notes that you enter into a phone every day, is a new Android 2.2+ app to help remember faces and encounters.

Evernote Hello is a new app launching later today that creates a “rich, browsable history of individuals, encounters, and shared experiences.” The app works by entering a new contact’s details and taking their photo. The person is then added to a contact database that can be updated with notes and tags every time you encounter the person. So if you meet Jane at a party or trade expo, you can then add more information – switched jobs, relocated to nearby city, etc. – when you see them at the airport.

I’m lucky enough to be able to see a face and instantly remember their name and affiliation, but attending events pushes that talent to the limit. Having something like Hello, which can provide reminders and contextual updates to the people with whom you meet, could be a big help to some people. Similar apps like Hashable have proven useful to some of the people I’ve met at conferences, but this has the unique benefit of linking with Evernote and other services. Here are few features available in Evernote Hello.

  • LinkedIn: by connecting your account with ‘Hello,’ you can quickly build rich profiles
  • Calendars, call history, SMS: Hello uses other functionalities (calendar, recent calls, texts) on your phone to intelligently predict a new contact
  • Emails from ‘Hello:’ reinforce the new connection by sending an email from ‘Hello’ with your information and a photo

[Download from Google Play]