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CyanogenMod – more than 2 million served and counting

May 28, 2012 | by Andrew Kameka

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“Just put CyanogenMod on it.” That’s the answer that many Android enthusiasts give when suggesting how to fix a problem, grab a feature, or just improve the day-to-day Android experience. It’s a very popular phrase because more 2 million devices have a version of CyanogenMod or a CM-based ROM installed right now.

The CM Stats page reveals that CyanogenMod powers 2,028,273 devices at this moment. That includes the number of people running official versions (1,029,447) and those who run “KANGS,” unofficial versions that have been tweaked using CM work (998,826). These numbers are on their own are quite impressive considering that CyanogenMod is a hobby effort and not a commercial venture. What’s truly mind-blowing is that the number of CyanogenMod installations has doubled in less than five months.

One might expect CyanogenMod 9 to push those installs, but it’s interesting to note that there are still hundreds of thousands of people using CM7. The second most widely-installed version is actually 7.1.0, not any of the CM9-based versions. That might change once the final version of CM9 is released. Nightlies, which receive incremental updates on a nightly or almost nightly basis, are the most popular.

The Top 5 Devices Running CM are:

  1. The HTC Desire (Bravo)
  2. Galaxy S II
  3. Motorola Cliq (Morrisson)
  4. Galaxy S
  5. ZTE Blade

Notice that with the exception of the GS2, all are devices that have since been abandoned by their manufacturer/carriers and given new life thanks to CyanogenMod. See the full list of top devices, versions, and countries by visiting

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