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Chameleon is the best looking Android tablet UI we’ve seen yet – and it’s seeking backers on Kickstarter

May 17, 2012 | by Andrew Kameka



Someone in my Google+ circle previously posted a video of a user interface for tablets that made me want to throw my tablet in a box until I could have it. The design managed to pack more information on to the home screen in a much better style that turned many heads across the web.

Teknision, the company behind that tablet UI that I fell in love with, is hoping people will be just as excited as it tries to deliver a better home screen for Android tablets. Teknision is seeking $50,000 through a Kickstarter campaign so it can offer its Chameleon launcher as an Android 3.2+ app in Google Play.

Chameleon is a customizable, widget-filled home screen replacement app that fits a user’s needs based on the time of day or location. In the morning, it’s full of tweets and breaking news that get you caught up on current events; at the office, it’s a quick-look at your calendar and emails to keep you focused on work; in the evening, it has guides for entertainment. Chameleon presents a different view, along with certain groups of apps you’re likely to launch, based on the content and features that users define as relevant to a given situation. And should you need to access a different dashboard outside of its intended setting – like your work view while at home – just swipe left or right.

Teknision plans to release Chameleon to Google Play in September, but it wants to raise $50,000 through Kickstarter so it can transition Chameleon from prototype to full-fledged product. Backers who pledge at least $5 will gain access to Chameleon in August, and provide a boost to their home screen. Get more information on rewards and frequently asked questions at the Chameleon Kickstarter page.