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Verizon announces new $30 fee for smartphone upgrades

April 11, 2012 | by Natesh Sood

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One of the perks to signing a contract with Verizon Wireless was a free upgrade to a better phone when your contract expired.  However, according to a press release issued today by Big Red, the wireless company is going to implement a $30 fee whenever a customer decides to upgrade his/her phone.  Previously, you were allowed to upgrade to a phone at its subsidized contract price without incurring a fee.  Unfortunately, starting April 22, Verizon will begin charging its customers the $30 fee.

This isn’t a revolutionary trend in the wireless industry by any means considering T-Mobile charges $18, while Sprint and AT&T charge $36.  It is important to note that this fee only targets existing customers who are looking to upgrade their “mobile equipment.”  Consumers new to Verizon will not be charged any upgrade fee in the beginning; the fee will only be assessed when upgrading.

Verizon justifies this charge by claiming it helps finances its high “level of service and support.”  It’s safe to say if you have an upgrade available to use, it would be beneficial to use it before April 22nd simply to save the $30.